About Emanuel Arbib

Emanuel Arbib is the Chief Executive Officer of iAM Capital Group plc and has many years of experience in the financial sector. He graduated at the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan with an ABA Degree in Business and a Graduate Degree in Economics and Finance, during which time he was a student of Italy’s current prime minister Mario Monti.

From 1997 to 2004 Emanuel was director of Nasdaq listed company the Trident Rowan Group, which controlled Italian motorbike manufacturer Moto GuzziSpA. Subsequently, he was director at Capital Management Limited, which operated out of Jersey and Monte Carlo, and specialised in alternative investments and the global fixed income market.

Emanuel Arbib’s family of companies include:

Integratedam.com - Chief Executive Officer

We are active in institutional Broking and fund management through two main subsidiaries, both of them regulated in the UK and in selected european markets. In addition, thanks to two decades of experience in these sectors we can effectively work with our corporate and institutional clients to advise and manage their alternative investment portfolios and to provide advice and execution for companies looking to enter new markets and products.

Integratedfp.com - Executive Chairman

We are an Institutional Broking company based in London and with a main branch in Milan, Italy. We specialize in fixed income, Equities and foreign exchange intermediation for our european and global clients. With over 20 brokers and 10 support staff we are able to offer value added and instant execution in corporate and government bonds, global equities, and foreign exchange. Our knowledge and flows in Italian government debt, the third most liquid in the world, in particular, is especially critical at these times of market turbulence.

Integratedai.com - Executive Chairman

With over twenty years of experience in the sector, we have a unique experience and know how in advising, creating, and managing alternative investment funds and portfolios for institutional clients. We have developed a particular expertise in managing and extracting value from, illiquid assets.